Course Schedule - Conferences

BOOK ACADEMY Enjoy this one-day conference designed to give authors and aspiring authors the opportunity to network and learn more about writing and the publishing industry. Onsite registrations will be available the morning of the conference.
CAPITOL REEF WORKSHOPS Enjoy the majestic views and quiet solitude of one of the most picturesque National Parks when you enroll for a workshop or course held at the UVU Capitol Reef Field Station.
EXPANDING YOUR HORIZONS Girls' Conference Expanding Your Horizons is a math, science, and technology-focused career conference for 5th - 8th grade girls. Conference participants may choose from over 40 hands-on, interactive workshops led by professional women. Come explore educational and career opportunities in nontraditional, high-earning STEM careers, and more!
PROFESSIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT CONFERENCE Announcing the first annual Professional Administrative Assistant Conference. This years theme is Organizing Chaos. We know that Admins are the heart of a company. They are the ones that keep all the balls in the air, remain calm and collected when everything is coming down around them, keep the appointments straight in their heads, greet each person by their first name, all while keeping their boss or bosses on a smooth running schedule. But, how do they do that? What are those tips and tricks of the trade that help the Admin do such an incredible job? This conference will address those questions through a great offering of presenters. Linda Makin, UVU VP of Planning and Budget, who started as an Admin herself, will be the keynote speaker. Dr. Kyle Reyes, the new VP of Student Affairs will also be presenting. The conference is open to all interested persons. REGISTRATION NOW OPEN.
Third Annual U of U Premed Student Conference The conference is designed to provide information and networking opportunities with medical and PA schools. Learn what it takes to become a competitive applicant and see what medical and PA schools are looking for. The conference is also an opportunity for you to increase your understanding about the lives and professions of healthcare professionals so you can be well prepared as you move towards your goal of being a physician or a PA.
UVU Arts Engage Elementary Arts Instruction The UVU Arts Engage course is designed to help teachers use the arts to improve student learning by creating classrooms where students engage in the arts consistently, develop essential skills, make learning connections, increase engagement, and experience joy. This year Arts Engage will provide five workshops that each meet six times for 2.5 hours each session, for a total of 15 hours of instruction. All workshops will help participants gain knowledge and skills that can be applied to the Elementary Arts Integration Endorsement.