Course Schedule - Conferences

BOOK ACADEMY Enjoy this one-day conference designed to give authors and aspiring authors the opportunity to network and learn more about writing and the publishing industry. Onsite registrations will be available the morning of the conference.
CAPITOL REEF WORKSHOPS Enjoy the majestic views and quiet solitude of one of the most picturesque National Parks when you enroll for a workshop or course held at the UVU Capitol Reef Field Station.
Forum on Engaged Reading - For the Love of Reading UVU's Forum on Engaged Reading is about sharing the best in books, educational practices, and innovative ideas for countering the 21st Century problem of "alliteracy." Join us as we make a difference - as we engage readers, "For the Love of Reading." For more information, please visit the conference website at Forum on Engaged Reading.
PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATE These courses are meant for potential and new leaders in business, community, and volunteer venues. Level 1 addresses the history, meaning and theory of leadership. Level 2 discusses fundamentals of leadership. Level 3 will address social, emotional and ethical leadership.
SMALL BUSINESS DISASTER RESILIENCE Sponsored by BeReady Business Utah, the UVU Institute of Emergency Services and Homeland Security, the Disaster Discovery Center, and the Provo Emergency Manager, this seminar will prepare you and your staff to better handle the impact of a disaster on your business.
SWADE ANNUAL CONFERENCE The Southwest Association for Developmental Education (SWADE) exists to promote the improvement of developmental education programs throughout the four states in the region: Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. SWADE acts as an advocate and a resource for institutional support of developmental education programs. SWADE provides a forum for educators engaged in developmental education to promote collaboration, information-sharing, and professional advancement. SWADE is committed to professional development and training and supports research initiatives of developmental education professionals. Please join us this year for the 2018 SWADE conference. The guest speaker will be Russ Hodges, Ed.D., who is an Associate Professor in the Graduate Program in Developmental Education at Texas State University-San Marcos. His research interest includes college success, persistence and completion for underserved populations; postsecondary peer-support interventions; the role of learning frameworks courses in student persistence and completion; and developmental education policy.