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Carrie Ashcraft Carrie Ashcraft is a Lecturer at Utah Valley University. Her research interests include Teacher Performance Assessments, community building which respects individual, family, and community Funds of Knowledge, and promoting equitable academic practices and access within public schools. Previously, she taught secondary English, History, and mathematics in Idaho and Utah for 15 years and composition at Utah Valley University. Follow her on Twitter: @CarrieAshcraft1
Jennifer Call Jennifer Call is a Lecturer of Autism Studies at Utah Valley University. She has taught Special Education in Texas, at an elementary school and in Utah at a residential treatment center for adolescents. She has also worked with families and individuals with autism in their home as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.
Karen Cloward

Even as a little girl, Karen Cloward was fascinated with fossils. She collected, drew, studied, slept, and constantly talked about fossils. When her children were all in school, she found she had a couple of hours to pursue her passion for fossils by volunteering at a local paleontology lab. She was soon hired and for the next several years prepared fossil fish and dinosaurs for museums all around the world. She spent several weeks each summer excavating for new dinosaurs in the famous Bone Cabin Quarry. Karen wrote papers on and named several new species including Hesperosaurus Mjosi, Harpactognathus gentryii, Tanycolagreus, Gargoyleosaurus and others.

The culminating experience of her career came when she was asked to be one of the developers/designers of the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. The enormous amount of time spent on developing, designing, and then filling a museum with fantastic specimens was both exhilarating and exhausting. Karen also served as the Director of Exhibits and Education for a time after the museum opened. “I get a thrill every time I about dinosaurs and fossils with children or adults. Fossils represent a fascinating past of our earth!”
Suzy Cox Suzy Cox is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Utah Valley University specializing in Educational Psychology and Technology Integration. Her research and professional interests include learner-centered teaching, differentiation with technology, and educational neuroscience. She has presented at the international Learning & the Brain conference on the use of technology to promote creativity and higher-order thinking and is a passionate advocate for arts programs for children.
Debora Escalante (Facilitator) - Debora Escalante, Ph.D., completed a B.A. and M.A. in Theatre at BYU and has spent most of the last thirty years teaching and directing children and adults of all ages. She is currently an assistant professor of education in the UVU School of Education where she teaches Elementary Arts Integration Methods.
Jacob Fox
Wendy Oldroyd
Trevor Warburton Trevor Warburton is an assistant professor of secondary education at Utah Valley University. He is especially interested in building capacity in teachers to infuse equity practices into their daily teaching, with an emphasis in mathematics. He taught high school mathematics in rural Colorado. He has also taught mathematics and teacher education at various community colleges and the University of Utah and worked in Jordan School District as math coach for the special education department. Follow him on Twitter: @twarburton80